Crybaby Still Album CRYBABY

Produced by Rae Billing and Crybaby
© 2018 lumaRae Music

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Pick Of The Day April 13, 2018 - "The resonant twang of the guitars neatly complements the melancholia-tinged vocals of Rae Billing. Gripping stuff."
Kerry Doole
FYI Music News

Cover Story April 14, 2018
Ric Taylor
VIEW Magazine Hamilton ON

"Really take time to listen to the lyrics as they have an honesty to them you don't often find in music today."
Kate Jones
OrcaSound Montreal PQ - May 2018

"Simply impressive and breathtakingly beautiful, this second album "Still" by singer Rae Billing and Crybaby."
Freddy Celis
Rootstime Belgium - June 2018

Walls and Fences Album RAE BILLING
Walls & Fences

Produced by Michael J. Birthelmer
© 2013 HUG-MUSIC

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#1 ALBUM PICK for April - "A cross between Lucinda Williams and Bonnie Raitt, Hamilton's Rae Billing's current disc is captivating from start to finish."
Andy Connelly
Penguin Eggs, Alberta

"The opening track, 'Walking On By', has the makings of an all time classic in this genre, and the following ballads 'To Keep' and 'And Pretend' - which gave us goosebumps - are what we'd recommend for those interested in truly great alt-country music."
Freddy Cellis
Rootstime, Belgium

"...rooted in the unusual intensity, emotional profundity of Billing's material."
Patrick Langston
Penguin Eggs, Alberta

"Powerfully poetic songs."
Kerry Doole
All Canadian Music, Toronto

Blue Black Night Album RAE BILLING
Blue Black Night

Produced by Peter J. Moore
© 2008 HUG-MUSIC Inc.
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Pick Of The Month
Jeff Goodes
Fresh Air, CBC Radio

"There is a depth to her songs few contemporaries have yet to hone."
Jason MacNeil
All Music Guide.

"Superb stuff."
Kerry Doole
Exclaim Magazine, Toronto

"There is a depth to Billing's voice that reaches into the soul and it's complemented perfectly by Steve Koch's guitarwork."
Graham Rockingham
Hamilton Spectator, Toronto

"There are not many albums that catch you by the throat as this one does... Blue Black Night is such a rare moment."
Freddy Celis
Rootstime, Belgium

"If you are looking for a purely great, soulful album that adds even more credibility to alternative country, then buying Blue Black Night wouldn't be a foolish thing to do."
Maverick Magazine, UK

Rae Billing Album RAE BILLING

Produced by Peter J. Moore
© 2001 HUG-MUSIC Inc.
Licensed to EMI

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Single Walking in a Dream chosen #3 on Top Ten List of Anti-Hits
"An astonishingly assured solo debut."
John Sakamoto
Toronto Sun/CANOE

"Fresh as ever... full of wide open spaces and bittersweet emotions"
Mary Dickie
EYE Magazine, Toronto

"With her late night pan-Americana rootsy ballads, she handles somewhat dreamy, occasionally ghostly narratives about lives damaged by love or not enough of it with gutsy feminity... recommended to those who like great songwriting and excellent vocals."
Alan Cackett

Crybaby Paintings Album CRYBABY

Produced by Peter J. Moore
© 1996 HUG-MUSIC Inc.

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Chosen one of the top three country albums of 1996 (along with Lyle Lovett and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings)
Greg Boyd
EYE Magazine, Toronto.

"It's a rare and beautiful thing, a country-cool album full of tasty guitar, laid-back vocals and sweet sad songs."
Tony Evans
Shift Magazine, Toronto

"A Texas-twisted amalgam of folk and rock modes connected at an unhurried pace by Billing's forelorn vocal delivery... equal parts Lucinda Williams and Paula Frazier... (Producer) Moore helps create a stark old-timey presence while maintaining a contemporary richness making Crybaby's delightful debut that much more impressive."
Tim Perlich
NOW Magazine, Toronto

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